A Burger for Bunny


Rabbits behave more like dogs than you probably think, mostly in the sense that they’re habitually curious and always begging for people food (my bunny loves pretzels, crackers, raisins, popcorn). I finally got around to making her a bunny-friendly version of a human meal – a BURGER! It came out pretty odd-looking, but she loved it anyway.

Making a Burger for Bunny

The goal: To make a bunny-friendly burger for the hungry rabbit that’s always patiently waiting for vegetable scraps during dinner.

These are the ingredients that I worked with: a pear, an apple, sprouts, a grape, and bread. Yes, rabbits eat (hard) bread, pretzels, and crackers. Which is why the TV snack crumbles on the living room floor always seem to vanish.

The ends of a baguette were cut off to make the top and bottom buns for the burger. I was careful to slice it at a section where the diameter of the bread was similar to the widest part of the pear – the “meat” of the burger.

Rabbits like eating crunchy hard things, so I toasted the bread since it wasn’t stale yet. (If you have any stale leftover bread, feel free to donate some to my hungry rabbit.)

I sliced a thick, juicy “meat patty”
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out of the the widest part of a pear.

An apple slice substitutes for a tomato slice.

I cut up a side of “fries” out of leftover pear. This looked most accurate to the real thing…especially after it sat out and turned a little brown.

The burger is ready

to be assembled!

The Finished Burger

Here’s how it turned out. Gourmet, no?

From top to bottom:
“Olive” –> Grape
“Bun” –> Baguette heel
“Sprouts” –> Sprouts
“Meat patty” –> Pear
“Tomato” –> Apple
“Cheese” –> Apple
“Bun” –> Baguette Heel

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Bunny Like It?

Whenever something new is introduced into her surroundings, she absolutely has to inspect and approve of it.

“Uhm, what is this?”

“Is this FOR ME?”


::Nom nom nom::

“Yeah, I’m over it.”

Hungry Bunny

I tried so hard to get a video of her eating the burger! She wasn’t as interested in eating it as much as she was examining it. She also kept sniffing the camera instead. Oh well.

Bunny went for the grape first, then the “cheese”.

She eventually ate the whole thing…she’s just too polite to scarf it down on camera. I think she loved it.

I was inspired by the recipes of Mathijs

van der Paauw, author and blogger of Cooking for Lucy and Happy Hamster. I’m not a fan of hamsters, but I’m a huge fan of his creativity.

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  1. Mike says:

    Sushi next?

  2. Shawna says:

    She really has the best skeptical face. What a cute idea. I hope she appreciated the effort!

  3. Diane says:

    What a lovely post and your photos are excellent. I did not know rabbits had such a wide variety of tastes. Perhaps I should not be surprised though as I had a couple of dogs who would eat anything, literally. Diane

    • Anonymous says: (Author)

      It’s funny, rabbits seem to eat anything crunchy, whether it’s raw or cooked. I should probably be more careful though, I’ve been feeding her like a dog!

  4. Palmer says:

    Haha what an awesome idea. Love the fries.

  5. Palmer says:

    Haha what an awesome idea. Love the fries.

  6. Palmer says:

    Haha what an awesome idea. Love the fries.

  7. Palmer says:

    Haha what an awesome idea. Love the fries.

  8. cocoa3c says:

    Boy, that is one cautious bun! My Cocoa would have gobbled that down in the time it took to watch the video! LOL He never hesitated when it came to food.

    • Anonymous says: (Author)

      I don’t think most people realize how much rabbits eat! They practically eat
      their weight in food. Say hi to Cocoa for me.

  9. Kate says:

    This looks great. I would love to try making this burger for bunnies. You are right bunnies always love to try something new and it is up to us to experiment, right? I always put a treat every morning in their rabbit hutch really and tomorrow I will be giving this rabbit burger of yours.

  10. Triet Le says:

    i love the font that you have on your pictures. do you mind giving out the name of it? :D

  11. That last picture is ridiculous.

  12. Lauren Bair says:

    This is ADORABLE! Such a cute idea to create a burger for your bunny. (It could totally be served in a fine burger joint here in LA.) And the video of her kind of sniffing and sitting and waiting for it is ridiculously sweet and hilarious. I was laughing so hard. I love it!

    • Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

      Why, thank you :) Maybe it’s time for me to open a bunny burger joint down in LA!

  13. Angie says:

    What a lovely bunny and such a cute “burger”!! Can I say though, that bread is not a good item to have in the diet for rabbits, and shouldn’t be fed to them. Nor is pretzels, popcorn, or crackers. A rabbits diet should consist of mainly fresh unlimited hay, fresh veg, and if you must, some – but few – pellets. Fruit is very high in sugar and as such, throws off the GI balance, and could result in one very ill bunny, so should only be given in small doses as treats :) xx

    • Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

      Thanks for the comment! You’re totally right. We give our bunny mostly hay and vegetables – the people food are just an occasional treat. So are the pellets.

  14. Greggory says:

    I feed my rabbit a mountain of grass and greens everyday pretzels and crackers as well as other lil bits she absolutely loves it I’m a first timer when it comes to small animals so I’m a skeptic when it comes to caring … Properly that is thanks for this video so cute and it looks like you put alot of time into it.

  15. Lauren says:

    Rabbits should not eat bread, pretzels, crackers or popcorn! These foods should never be eaten even as occasional treats. They cannot digest these foods properly and will become ill. Just because they like eating them does not mean that should eat it.

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    two or several years, depending on how long you plan to have your personal training business.

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