Bunny's New House

Bunny got attacked

a few weeks ago. We were inside the house, when we heard a high pitched squeaking sound. It sounded like a pig, but thought, “It could be the rabbit!” We bolted outside, to find the attacker gone, but bunny quivering in the moonlight, with large tufts of fur missing. She was ok, but frightened for the rest of the night.

Since we give her the whole yard to hop around in, we thought she had enough hiding places, especially with the little makeshift “huts” that we put out there. Well, since the incident, we’ve been bringing her inside when it gets dark.

Mike was hammering away as usual in the garage. He came up to the window and said,

“Put your shoes on. Come outside.”
“What’s that?!”
“It’s a rabbit house for Momo.”

He made a rabbit house this weekend to protect her from future attackers. It’s made entirely from scrap wood. It’s funny how Mike likes doing things like welding and mountain biking…but also likes making odd things like rabbit houses. Bunny is a lucky girl.

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Bunny’s new crib is sweet. It has a nice big front porch.

Three bunny sized windows.

The top lifts up – oh no! A rabbit escaped.

The roof lifts up for easy cleaning and bunny-catching.

Building a rabbit house is hardcore stuff.

Whoa look, a rabbit.

The house weighs about 100lbs. It supports Mike’s weight pretty well. Bunny doesn’t care, though.

“This is MY house, ok? Not yours. Mine. Hey you, get off my lawn.” I’m tempted to add a stop sign, little trees, and miniature toy cars in here.

What did bunny think of it?

Mike lugged the entire thing into the laundry room where we keep her at night (so she doesn’t get attacked again), so she could get accustomed to it. What did she think of it at first? Well at first, she wanted to get on the

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roof. Then she sniffed the entire outside of the house. She didn’t go in until much later, but it was pretty cute when she squished her butt through the bunny-sized door.

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  1. Sarah Lynn says:

    Cute bunny house and redesign of your blog! Love it. That is one extremely lucky rabbit!!

  2. Paula says: (Author)

    @Sarah Lynn

    Thanks! The redesign of your blog looks great too. Yes, she is one lucky rabbit :) Hopefully we will soon have two hiding in there.

  3. spyra says:

    omg that is so cute!! 100 lbs?? Doesn’t look it at all.

  4. Paula says: (Author)

    Haha I know! But yeah, it’s super difficult to carry. Bunny still isn’t used to it yet – but she’ll have to be when we take away her current “shack” (a.k.a. boards propped up again the garage)

  5. Kylie says:

    I am so happy to find this blog. My bunny is expecting a baby soon and I would like to prepare in advance and build a bigger rabbit hutch for the whole family. I think it would be so sweet to personally make a perfect home for the soon to be mom, my bunny.

  6. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    That would be very sweet. Best wishes to your new rabbit family!

  7. Cozettemoon says:

    Maybe you should brig her inside so she can be a house rabbit :)

  8. Kate says:

    Hi! Did you actually made a rabbit hutch out of wood? I just your rabbit is not a chewer at that. I am did actually make a rabbit hutch for my rabbit but it is made of wire because he just chew everything. Anyway, beautiful design likes it so.

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