Spain: Day 4

Half of our Spain trip was in Barcelona, the last half was in Madrid. Totally different experience. Barcelona has this super chic, LA-like beach city thing going on, and Madrid had more of the old-town, big city feel. It was a one hour plane ride from Barcelona to Madrid. We could have taken the bullet train, but for some reason, it was ridiculously expensive, and taking the night train would have taken 9 hours (and still cost more). We didn’t do much this day, just kind of hung out at the park and in the shopping areas. Madrid is mostly museums, which we avoided as much as we could. My camera ran out of memory so most of these photos are from Mike’s camera. see all photos » See: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 Continue Reading →

Spain: Day 3

You’d think I’d be done writing about my trip to Spain now. It’s been a month – wait, over a month, since I was there. But I told myself I was going to record the entire trip, and here it is, slowly but surely. I think one of the best parts about going on a fun trip is being able to share it with others when I get back. So here it is – Day 3 of 6.

We had a flight at 3pm to Madrid so we took it easy that morning and just wandered around town. We lost track of time and almost

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Spain: Day 2

What a day. We had an early breakfast before heading to Montserrat in the morning, a monestary at the top of a large mountain. It was really nice to get away from the yucky Barcelona cigarette-laden air. We were able to breathe the fresh air before it floated down to the city and got sucked into cigarettes. I am more than ever, grateful for California smoking laws. We then took the train back to Barcelona,

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and hopped on the metro to see La Sagrada Familia. I’ve seen it before in my art history textbooks, but it took my breath away when I saw it in person. I was awestruck by it’s sheer size – and it’s not even done yet! Being Spain, they’re taking their sweet time with it so it won’t be done until I’m old and grey. I would love to come back in a wheelchair just to see it again. We wandered all over town for the rest of the day, had dinner, and then passed out. I’ll stop talking now since there’s so much more. I think this is my longest post! see all photos » See: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 Continue Reading →

Spain: Day 1

Finally, a vacation! It’s been a while. Traveling was something that my family did a lot of growing up. We haven’t done much traveling in the U.S., but we traveled all over Europe and Asia. I stopped traveling when I went to college because of the lack of time, and only went on “staycations” when I started working. So I was definitely ready for another vacation, and Spain was at the top of my list. (actually South America was, but I was worried about pig flu coming back this season). We spent about a week in Spain; half the time in Barcelona, and half the time in Madrid. I loved both – Barcelona for it’s modern architecture and beaches, and Madrid for the old world charm. Their transportation system is one of the best, and the people are friendly there. It was fun to

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live like a Spaniard for a week, especially since our body clocks are more in tune with theirs than with Americans – it’s nice being able to go out at night and still see things open past 8pm. see all photos » See: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 Continue Reading →