Lonnie Campbell And The Rabbit On His Head

Boris the Bus had the honor of being the getaway car for our friends Yusuf and Ashley, who got married earlier this year in Monterey. Instead of driving all the way back home that night, we decided to stay at a RV campground nearby. We rolled in, exhausted, at 2 in the morning, with “Just Married” still smeared on our windows.

Our neighbors in the RV next to us were curious about us the next morning, fortunately not so much about how trashy we were having our “honeymoon” in a fairground parking lot, but more so about how we magically appeared overnight.

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Waking up at the RV Park
neighbors.jpg The elderly couple in the RV next door were incredibly sweet. They’ve been traveling around the country in their small RV for years canadian viagra now, and buy cheap viagra they entertained us for an hour with story after story about their travel adventures.

wash-dog2.jpg They even gave us a tour of their small, but efficient RV. It was just a little larger than Boris, and barely fit a small shower. They even found a way to give their dog a bath.

mike-bus.jpg Mike is

a happy hippie in his homemade, tie-dye t-shirt (I have to admit, it doesn’t look bad)

rv-park.jpg It was hot that morning.

Brunch at Katy’s

diptych-1.jpg We headed over to Carmel and had an enormous brunch at Katy’s Place. I had an omelet that was big enough for a family of four.


brab-tray2.jpg I liked the tray the bill came on.

Lonnie Campbell

rabbit-man.jpg There’s a street performer named Lonnie Campbell in Monterey, who sings with a (shockingly) obedient rabbit on his head.

He’s basically my hero.

Lonnie is also well aware that he has other videos on YouTube.

What’s That Rabbit Doing On My Head?

“What’s that rabbit doing, sitting there, on my head? He’s getting ready to jump down…down, down, down on the bed…”


rabbit-man-hold.jpg He has the same kind of floppy-eared rabbit as I do, but much, much, more tolerant.

Heading Home

joby2.jpg Bringing the 21st century into a 40-year-old bus. (Thanks to Joby for the free Gorillamobile tripod!)

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  1. Mike says:

    Again! again! Let’s go again!

  2. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    Okay! Okay! Let’s go again!

  3. Kate says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! You better put your rabbit inside the rabbit hutch so that it won’t go on top of your head. But it does look so cute hanging on your head. It looks like you have a rabbit crown. You just try to get used to it.

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