My OXO Demos Are In!

There was a box that arrived for me the other day, and in it I found an OXO Anniversary Edition Upflit Tea Kettle (which is gorgeous, it’s displayed on my bookshelf instead of being used on my stove)…and in the same box was a DVD of all of the final demo videos that were filmed

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by the OXO video contest winners as part of the grand prize. The videos will be showcased on their new site (not live yet), but they were nice enough to send the videos over

for a sneak peek! First of all, I have to say that Jon and Yvette did an amazing job in their videos! I did okaaay – being in front of the camera isn’t my forte – but I had fun doing it, which is what really matters. It was a great experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Behind the scenes » see the rest of the OXO story »

OXO Top Containers

I’m so proud of myself for memorizing that opening line about how the containers are “BPA free, airtight, watertight, leakproof, stackable AND they’re microwave and freezer-safe” on the plane ride to NYC. I think they sped up the bit with me opening and closing the lid…I look freakishly strong. See it on YouTube »

OXO V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

Wow, we made it look so easy! Don’t get me wrong, the mandoline is easy to use, but making it look effortless on camera was a challenge. The mandoline is pretty complex

buy amoxicillin without a prescription tool, so I hope this video helps out people who have trouble using it. See it on YouTube »

What? Didn’t you do three videos? Yes, yes I did. But I’m only posting two because the last one I did for the Smooth Edge Can Opener had scary close-ups of my face, and is a little less interesting than these two videos. Sorry.

OXO Filming

Thanks to Mike for taking videos of me while I was being filmed. More behind the scenes photos »

Behind the scenes » see the rest of the OXO story »


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  1. Jon Corpuz says:

    Paula you are AMAZING! Congrats again on winning the competition

  2. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    @Jon Corpuz
    Thanks, Jon!

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