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Showtime prepares to say goodbye to weeds and dexter Weeds creator jenji kohan learned the end was coming just as the eighth season was starting.It wasn’t much of a surprise though.Kohan’s been convinced the show was not going to be renewed almost every season. “Many years,”She says,”We never knew if we were coming back.We were always told late.So, you know, we did these big cliffhangers.I think any of our season finales, while not necessarily satisfying, could have ended the show. “I love the polo mallet.I love nancy(Played by mary louise parker)In the kitchen with all the guns.I love the airport.You know, we could end it on the gunshot.But because we were given the opportunity to know when we were ending, you know.We’ve written our end so many times not knowing what was coming next. ” And now they know. “We just sort of put our heads down and talked about how we want to leave this family because, ultimately, ralph lauren italia shop it’s a show about a family, and we’re shooting the finale now, and we hope it works. ” Showtime is preparing to say goodbye to dexter, which is shooting its seventh season right now.The next one is expected to be its last.Its producer/star michael c.Hall, ironically, ralph lauren donna saldi may not quite be ready to say die. “It’s difficult in the midst of shooting this seventh season, with some sort of at least vague sense that the final episode of the eighth will be the last, to imagine it going beyond ralph lauren uomo tuta that,”He allows. “But you know, we finished the first season i thought we should probably just stop.What are we going to do now?So i don’t know.I mean, i would never say never.But i think the sense is that we’re moving towards a definitive end. ” Of the new shows coming to the network, the most intriguing is masters of sex, the story of ’60s sexperts masters johnson, starring michael sheen and lizzy caplan as researchers dr.William masters and virginia johnson.Judging by the preview reels screened exclusively at the tv critics tour, you can expect a lot of body humour, orgasms with electrodes and prudish public shock and outrage. Another sizzling clip reel introduced ray donovan, which stars liev schreiber in the title role, a”Fixer”For the rich and famous, the best of the best who makes problems go away.Stellar support is provided by veterans jon voight and elliott gould. And finally, there’s the 10 part documentary series, oliver stone’s untold history of the united states, in which.Well, the title pretty much says it.Expect some shock and outrage here, too.

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