The Great Falafel Costume

About a month ago, we were out having dinner and asking ourselves, “What could be the strangest, most random, dorky costume we can possibly make for Halloween?” A bunch of crazy ideas were tossed around, but then it really came down to having two requirements: one, it had to be recognizable right away, and two, it had to never have been done before.

Maybe it was the bad Thai food we were eating, but we started thinking about food costumes. Mostly iconic foods, such as hamburgers, ice cream, and dim sum. Then it went towards the direction of street food – tacos, samosas, and pork buns. And then I thought – I could be a FALAFEL SANDWICH! The idea was born, and a few weeks later, Mike put together the most spectacular falafel sandwich costume I’ve ever seen.

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Here’s a sketch of how I would look as a happy falafel sandwich. We figured that three falafel balls would be ideal, and that one of the falafel balls had to

be my head.

Here’s the uh…technical drawing. It had to be simple, so only the four key ingredients were made – the pita pocket, falafel balls, tomato, and lettuce. I’ll leave the sauces and cucumbers for another day.

This is how it turned out! It’s warm and cozy, and so much fun to dance around in.

So the first thing we did was go to a fabric store and pick out the right kind of fabric for each of the ingredients. This turned out to be harder than I thought because no fabric looks like produce or fried food. But we tried our best. The pita is made out of sandy colored felt, the lettuce and tomato are made out of some fabric with a funky gradient, and the falafel balls are made out of faux fur.

Ladies, my man can sew badass Halloween costumes. Can yours? I didn’t think so.

Falafel Balls

The falafel balls were hardest to make, but the most fun to toss around in the living room.

Mike got his first lesson on sewing something round. The falafel balls are sewn in two pieces, like a tennis ball.

Each of the falafel balls are stuffed with different, but equally delicious things. One has packing popcorn, one has cut-up strips of batting, and one is stuffed full of plastic Safeway bags.

The falafel ball that goes on my head has two straps that clasp underneath my chin. This is what makes the outfit really dorky.

Lettuce and Tomatoes

All the pieces of the costume are stuffed with batting to give it dimension. Here’s a tomato slice being made.

Mike added incredible detail to all the pieces.

The Pita Pocket

The pita pocket had to be just the right size. Big enough to hold all the tasty insides, but small enough so I could actually fit through a doorway.

The pita pocket hangs off my shoulders by lettuce straps.

Mike’s trying it on for size. It’s pretty big, so it fits him too. Maybe both of us. I’ll have to try that.

Not all pita pockets have sesame seeds, but this one looked like it needed some. Each of these are also stuffed with batting.

The pita pocket is now full of tomatoes and lettuce!

The Finished Costume

Here are a few photos of the finished piece, but go here if you want to see more.

I am sooo happy.

The falafel balls are easier to see from the top.

Everyone liked my costume at work. And they probably think I’m more looney than they originally thought.

Goal accomplished. Thanks, Mike!

Costume Guesses

I played a game on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr with my friends, dropping some of these photos as hints

of what I was going to be for Halloween. Here were the guesses:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Tinkerbell and Captain Hook
  • A Flintstone character
  • Teletubbie (this would be awesome, though)
  • Domo with greenery
  • Daikon radish
  • Jolly Green Giant
  • Artichoke
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Rabbit
  • Edamame
  • Bear
  • Brown Bunny
  • Donnie Darko
  • Aardvark
  • Squirrel
  • Lemur King (that’s right, not just a lemur, but a lemur KING)
  • Wolf
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • Snail
  • Red Panda
  • Sandwich or Hamburger (several people guessed this)
  • A Tree That Grows Hamburgers
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    (my favorite)

The only person who got it right was my friend Shawna.

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She has no idea why she guessed Falafel.

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Shawna says:

    The drawings and smiley Paula photo are the best. It came across less as a dorky costume and more as a there-was-nothing-else-Paula-could-be-how-perfect costume :) Great job, Mike! Lovely detail work.

    I must have guessed falafel because I was hungry. But then I forgot all about it which meant even I got to be surprised!

  2. spyra says:

    Paula, you are the most adorable falafel I’ve ever laid eyes on! :) Your costume is amazing (props to mike!); have a fun and safe halloween!! <3

  3. Mike says:

    I’m glad you like it! It should be fun handing out candy in this.

  4. Jessi says:

    This is so cool. Have fun!

  5. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    “there-was-nothing-else-Paula-could-be-how-perfect costume” made me laugh. Yes, it’s very Paula!

  6. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    Aw, thank you. It must be the falafel head. Have a good Halloween, too!

    • Mikie says:

      This is fantastic! What an azanimg find. I’m obsessed with maps lately too. And globes. But the details and colors in this one are crazy. And expensive. Ugh.

  7. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    I know that if I was a little kid, I would hug a giant falafel. Should we give out falafel balls tonight?

  8. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    Thanks, Jessi!

  9. ashley says:

    hahaha…the BEST costume i’ve yet to see.

  10. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    Haha, thanks Ashley!

  11. Paula is QuiteCurious says: (Author)

    Thanks, Noura!

  12. enver says:

    very talented and very great team. congratulations!

  13. Mustafa Hammad says:


    Do you sell these? I would love to buy one. I own a middle eastern restaurant and something like this could create alot of attention. Let me know!!



  14. Pita says:

    I need this custume where can I buy it

  15. Shiri says:


    My name is Shiri and I am the owner of Sunrise PIta & Grill. I was wondering if you still have this costume and are willing to sell it. Please let me know! Thanks!

  16. Natasha says:

    Are you willing to sell this costume? I will pay a competitive price

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